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Vitamin K3

Vitamin K3 Vitamin K3 (menadione) is offered in various watersoluble menadione compounds for animal nutrition.
Application Production of the calcium transport protein osteocalcin for bone mineralization.

Participation in Carboxylation of other proteins.

Deficiency of vitamin K3 causes blood coagulation and growth disorders.
Character of Product Canavit K3 is a fine, smooth, white to yellowish powder.
Activity At least 50 % menadione.
Solubility Canavit K3 MSB is soluble in water.
Storage Keep well closed, cool and dry in the original packing.
Stability Guaranteed activity for 24 months after manufacture, unopened packing and adequate storage conditions provided.
 Packaging Units of 25 kg net.
Canavit K3 Technical Information        

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