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Vitamin E50

Vitamin E50 Vitamin E is used for animal nutrition in premixes and compound feeds.

Vitamin E is a generic term for various compounds based on tocopherol or tocotrienal.
Application Vitamin E has antitoxic effect in cell metabolism.

Vitamin E reduces the incidence of liver necrosis and muscular degeneration.
Vitamin E controls metabolism of the hormones with the anterior lobe of the hypophysis.
Vitamin E controls the development and function of the gonads.
Character of Product Canavit E is a fine, smooth, white to yellowish, granulated powder.

Canavit E contains dl-alpha-tocopherylacetate adsorbed on silicic acid.
Activity At least 50 % vitamin E acetate.
Solubility Canavit E is not dispersible in water.
Storage Keep well closed, cool and dry in the original packing.
Stability Guaranteed activity for 24 months after manufacture, unopened packing and adequate storage conditions provided.
 Packaging Units of 25 kg net.
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