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Vitamin A1000

Vitamin A This product has been stabilized as vitamin A acetate for animal feed.

Vitamin A is naturally found in animal origin e.g. liver, high fat fishmeal, liver and in plant origin only contain ß-carotene. The conversion of ß-carotene into vitamin A vary depends to species.
Application Vitamin A increases fertility by improving ovulation and formation of ovum.

Vitamin A promote formation, protection and regeneration of skin, mucous layer.

Vitamin A controlling the growth by interfering in cellular metabolism.

Vitamin A enhanced resistance to infectious diseases.
Vitamin A is a factor for synthesis of optic purple.
Vitamin A regulates the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat
Character of Product Canavit A is brown in color and granulated powder and stabilized by antioxidants.  
Activity Canavit A 500 content 500,000 IU vitamin A per g.
Canavit A 1000 content 1,000,000 IU vitamin A per g.
Solubility Canavit A 500/1000 are not dispersible in water.  
Keep well closed, cool and dry in the original packing.
Stability Guaranteed activity for 24 months after manufacture, unopened packing and adequate storage conditions provided.  
 Packaging Units of 25 kg net.  
Canavit A 1000MSDS Specification VA 1000 Stability VA 1000

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