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Canadian Feed Additives Inc. is an international leader in the livestock feed industry.

Our products include:

 Complete Feeds 

 Feed Ingredients

 Macro Premixes


Our high quality feed and feed additives are used by manufacturers, livestock practitioners, and Veterinarians wordwide. Eighteen yers of experience has established Canadian Feed Additivies Inc. as a major player in local, national and international markets.

Our products are tested using the highest if industry standards available. Our quality control methods are designed include livestock, human and environmental safety reviews. Analytical methods are evaluated for specificity, selectivity, reliability and accuracy using internationally practiced standard validation procedures.

Our products are registered under the brand Canavit .

Canadian Feed Additives Inc. understands the variety of demands by livestock practitioners from different regions of the world. Research and development are at the center of our work when introducing a new product. We specialize in developing for the unique needs of our international customers.

Our High-standards has lead to Canavit becoming one of the most well respected suppliers of feed and feed additives.

Coluoring Agents in Livestock Feeds