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EuroTier - The world's leading trade fair for animal production

This is where innovations are presented, trends set and visions discussed: From 11 to 14 November 2014 expo grounds Hanover, Germany.

Since 1996, the Euro animal every two years, in November, alternating with the Agritechnica at the Hannover Exhibition Center held. The fair takes global importance and influence on technical developments in the livestock claim for themselves. Besides the Euro animal, which is largely focused agricultural, are horses primarily on the held at the same place Messe Pferd & Jagd presented. Main exhibition spaces in addition to beef , pork , poultry , and products for all types of animals taking place since 2006 issue EnergyDecentral that focuses on renewable and decentralized energy supply.


For more information and details about the exhibition please visit eurotier website:http://www.eurotier.com