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About Canavit

Canadian Feed Additives is one of the leading suppliers of high quality Animal Feed ingredients in the worldwide market.

Canadian Feed Additives was born in 2005, and is backed by the knowledge of more than 20 years of experience  in the fields of animal farm production, animal nutrition, and the markets and technologies associated with these fields. When it comes to feed additives, we offer a high degree of technical knowledge in formulating effective compounds that meet customer demands both in terms of further processing and in terms of nutrition. Through its work with so many international partners, our company has become adept at responding effectively to the varying needs of our international customers. Furthermore, our company takes advantage of high-tech biotechnology mechanisms and different innovations in order to perform as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Specifically,  our focus is on researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Nutritional Supplements for use in poultry, livestock, and companion animals.  Our animal health products are marketed directly in Canada and Europe as well as through selected distributors globally.Furthermore, Canavit's view on service delivery is one of a holistic, comprehensive approach. Canadian Feed Additives takes pride in catering to the unique needs of our international customers.